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Who Does What In Your House?

Discussion in 'Household, Hobbies & Pets' started by Snowbaby, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. zararina

    zararina Member

    I live alone so I do all the things I need to do. :p
    Before when my grandmother is still alive, she was the one cooking and do some chores she likes to do. And I do the laundry and cleaning.
  2. BeautifulAngel

    BeautifulAngel New Member

    I live in a dorm with my roommate and we both share all of the chores. We both cook, however I usually cook for her and our friends since she doesn't like cooking much, though I don't mind cooking at all.

    We both take turns putting out the garbage, cleaning and I love it. I love not having to do it all myself. My roommate that I had before this one was really messy, stupid and she was just really screwed up. For example: There would always be sugar all over the counter with water all over the counter and floor. She tried to make fries in a toaster and well she would never do any cleaning what-so-ever. The first month we lived in dorms we had mold in the sink because she wouldn't clean her own dishes. So now I'm really happy I have a roommate that cleans :D
  3. trishgl

    trishgl Member

    It's both a blessing and a curse that my hubby was taught by my mom-in-law to do house chores. It's great because we share house chores equally. I cook and he washes the dishes. I wash clothes but he can iron them etc. Unfortunately he is also a critic and comments on how I do the chore, how often etc. It's rather irritating because we don't do chores for fun and if you're tired from the chores and someone gives a negative comment...it's not going to be pretty. I have to say he really does clean the house well though.;)

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