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What Shows Do You Watch?

Discussion in 'Television & Books' started by beingwell, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. joydyats

    joydyats Member

    Recent tv series I watched and love is The vampire diaries. I like the thrill and the love triangle between Stephen and Damon. I also like watching Supernatural, Sam and Dean are the best.
  2. momo62281

    momo62281 New Member

    I like watching all The Real Housewives. Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice. Can't wait for them all to return this fall. I look forward to all the new fall shows. My DVR will be very busy this fall season.
  3. roxfan003

    roxfan003 Member

    My favorite show is Chuck. But I also love to watch Psych, the Middle, Fringe, Desperate Housewives, and Teen Mom. As for shows I watch on Netflix or on DVD, I like to watch Friends, Futurama, I Love Lucy, and Gilmore Girls.
  4. These days, my favorite TV shows are reality shows like Dirty Jobs or military survival shows that showcase the military soldiers enduring their training courses. It's lots of fun to watch, if only cause i don't have to get my hands dirty or get in the mud. But i can watch a lot of cute guys doing that. So all good for me. :D
  5. Lee11

    Lee11 Active Member

    I do not watch much television...actually, I have to correct that: I never used to watch much television. Until a few years ago, when my boyfriend made me sit down to watch a series with him. Wow! I must say that it seems like television shows are really becoming quirky and all too awesome.

    I can only fit in a couple...but I really like Gossip Girl, Weeds, Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. Too much TV makes me feel ill. I am also following X-factor for now...:rolleyes:
  6. PamBeacher

    PamBeacher Member

    I go through different phases of tv watching. Sometimes, there is a show out there that I have no interest when it first comes out, then after its been out like 5 seasons its like I suddenly discover it and can't get enough of it lol. My latest discovery is The Big Bang Theory. How did I not notice this show until now is beyond me. I am having a great time now catching up the first 4 seasons online . I am having my own marathon, and its hilarious.
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  7. hachiko0919

    hachiko0919 Member

    I like American Idol, especially the last season. All of the contestants were competitive and they gave the judges and the people a hard tome to decide. :D I also used to watch Prison Break, it was an awesome TV series.
  8. runi1024

    runi1024 New Member

    I have been cutting back on my TV watching. Not having a TV has made this "diet" easy. But I still run weekly downloads of:
    Big Bang Theory
    How I Met Your Mother
    Grey's Anatomy
    and Once Upon a Time.
  9. SheWolfSilver

    SheWolfSilver New Member

    Oh, I'm embarrassed at how much TV I watch. LOL

    Grey's Anatomy
    Private Practice
    The Vampire Diaries
    Tori and Dean
    Two and A Half Men
    How I met Your Mother
    Hell's Kitchen
    Big Brother
    Top Chef

    There are probably more but I can't think of them right now. LOL
  10. magickat

    magickat Member

    I love The Big bang Theory and think it is one of the best shows on TV at the moment! I also love Charmed even though I think I've seen every episode by now lol.
  11. Eirini

    Eirini Active Member

    I'm a fan of Skins, which is a British TV series. :)
    Honestly, I started watching it because of the actors' accents (absolutely love British accents!) but I keep going on watching the episodes...:)
  12. JennyFC

    JennyFC New Member

    I just watch Smallville, its really a good choice!
  13. altrouge

    altrouge Member

    I always watch NCIS, Criminal Minds and The Walking Dead Season 2 whenever I can. Others I watch if I have the time is The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, The Big Bang Theory, The Jerry Springer show and Maury :p
  14. d_gabrielle

    d_gabrielle Member

    I watch a lot of crime dramas... CSI, CSI:NY... not a big fan of CSI:Miami. I don't know why, something about it bugs me. Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five-O, Bones, Grimm, Fringe. I just started watching The Finder which is a spin-off from Bones; so far it's pretty good. I am a sucker for the tattoo "reality" shows like Miami Ink, NY Ink... never got into LA Ink because Kat Von D annoys me. I LOVE 2 Broke Girls... I want to BE Max when I grow up! hehe
  15. pstovall

    pstovall New Member

    My husband and I watch a lot of television at our house, usually with the computer in our laps at the same time. Unlike most people I talk to, we are huge fans of reality TV, like Survivor, Big Brother, Dancing With the Stars, American idol, the Bachelor, etc. But we also like other genres. Our favorite sitcom right now is Mike and Molly. It's hard for a television show to make me laugh out loud, but Mike and Molly is hilarious to me. It never fails to make me laugh. We also can't wait for Revenge each week and Parenthood. But our very favorite series always appear on HBO; particularly Rome, Deadwood, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, and we just watched Mildred Pierce on HBO go! HBO does something special with its original series!

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