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What Shows Do You Watch?

Discussion in 'Television & Books' started by beingwell, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Parker

    Parker Member

    The only shows that I watch consistently are:
    -Person of Interest

    I used to watch Biggest Loser, but this season sucks badly. I also watch NCIS Los Angeles, Criminal Minds and The Mentalist, though I'm losing interest in both. I recently discovered The Big Bang Theory. I'm not usually into comedies, but I really like this show.

    If I don't have to go to the office early, I'll try to catch Charmed and Supernatural on cable during the weekday.
  2. UmiNoor

    UmiNoor Member

    Right now, my favorite is Merlin. It's a tv series produced by BBC. Season 4 just ended here in my country and I'm looking forward to Season 5. I also love to watch Supernatural even though the series have now become quite a drag with no purpose. I also like crime shows like Bones, CSI, SVU, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist and Body of Proof.
  3. altrouge

    altrouge Member

    Oh wow, I can't believe I forgot about Leverage! That show is amazing :p.
  4. UmiNoor

    UmiNoor Member

    Oh yes, Leverage is quite an amazing show too. I love the camaraderie that exists among the characters especially between Nate and Sophie and the sexual tension between them is also pretty obvious even though they never actually admit to it. And Hardison is such an incredible computer genius. He can hack into almost anything. I really admire people with computer skills. And Eliot is such a hunk. He reminds me of Brad Pitt. And I discover that the actor who plays Eliot, Christian Kane is also a country singer. It's no wonder that in one episode he was given the job to be a singer. Parker is such a cutie. She seems not to care about anything but I think she's the most sensitive person among all the characters. I love that this team always tries to help people in need by taking out the big corporations. They're an amazing group. And this show is truly awesome.
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  5. altrouge

    altrouge Member

    I love Hardison, mainly because I love computers and I wanted to be a professional hacker in the future, a whitehat one that is. I just like messing with computers in general :p. And I remember that episode when Eliot sang, he was actually good. However, I'd want to acquire his strength and fighting skills more than the singing skills :). Their group is amazing overall like what you said. And they do everything for a good cause.
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  6. claudine

    claudine Member

    I'm doing my best not to watch too many shows but sometimes I just can't help myself:D . I really like:
    - Pretty Little Liars - actually, I'm addicted to it:p
    - Gossip Girl
    - Heart of Dixie
    - America's Next Top Model
  7. amy005

    amy005 New Member

    Shows I've been regularly watching include American Horror Story, Criminal Minds, Law and Order SVU, Mom, Trophy Wife, The Middle, and Super Fun Night.
  8. Trellum

    Trellum Member

    Gosh, lately I don't really have a lot time to do anything but be on the computer completing tasks online so I can make ends meet at the end of each month! Not a lot time at all, but back in the day when I had cable TV I watched these:

    - The Walking Dead.
    - The Law & Order: SVU.
    - Friends
    - The Simpsons
    - South Park
    - Ugly Americans
    - American Dad
    - Cleveland
    - Why I met your mother
    - The Vampire Diaries
    - Catfish

    As you can see I LOVE American TV. I also enjoyed watching crime TV shows, like ''Who the hell did I marry?'' and others. Loved that kind of TV shows because they always kept me on the edge of the bed.

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