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What Shows Do You Watch?

Discussion in 'Television & Books' started by beingwell, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. beingwell

    beingwell Member

    I really enjoy watching TV shows and series. I've watched the full episodes of:
    The Office
    Grey's Anatomy
    That 70's Show
    ....and more!

    How about you? What shows do you watch?
  2. Cecille

    Cecille Active Member

    I watch American Idol and any cooking shows.
    I am inspired while watching AI, I love their newborn superstars.
    My passion is cooking, so I like any channel that airs cooking shows.
  3. beingwell

    beingwell Member

    What cooking shows do you follow? I watch Top Chef, does that count?:) I seldom watch AI, something must be wrong with me. A lot of people watch it.:rolleyes:
  4. I saw the first five seasons of Smallville and then got pregnant and found the shows too dramatic so I stopped watching. Every time I watched, my blood pressure would go up and that was not good for the baby. Since she is long born, I could just go back and watch on DVD. That might be fun. I like watching Dr. Who from BBC. We watch on DVD when available or on Netflix streaming cause many of the past seasons are available there. Other than that, my favorite show is Celebrity Apprentice. Most times, I watch episodes on Hulu. Last season, I was halfway through the season finale and then happened to be on another news site and saw that John Rich had won the contest the night before. I was so bummed out, I didn't bother finishing up the episode.
  5. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member

    I watch Top Gear, it's awesome.
  6. Eirini

    Eirini Active Member

    Friends and The Big Bang Theory
  7. soccerbai123

    soccerbai123 Member

    i have watched the complete Gossip girl series (waiting for the final season)
    glee, just love their songs and Blaine!!! so hot
    and hellcats cause i enjoy ashler tisdale's tv shows.
  8. apple

    apple Member

    I like to watch comedies and animated series. :D I watch the Simpsons, Futurama, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, How I Met your Mother, Two and a Half Men, The Office, and Raising Hope. I'm also catching up on some oldies like Daria and Clone High because it's seem like today's humor is dumbed down a lot compared to say, 5-10 years ago.
  9. silverflask

    silverflask New Member

    I love watching Big Bang Theory. The cast is funny and the script is excellent. I also get a lot of interesting trivia from watching the show.
  10. kristyleann

    kristyleann Member

    My favorite show right now is Dexter. I don't have Showtime so I have to watch it on Netflix on DVD, but I freakin' LOVE that show lol

    Other than that I watch Criminal Minds, Law and Order: SVU, Scrubs, Family Guy, American Dad
  11. Shortie861

    Shortie861 New Member

    I don't watch much TV but when I do I love watching the following

    Lie to Me
    Two and a Half Men
    King of Queens
    Sex and the City
  12. everio

    everio Member

    I LOVE TV! Mainly because I don't like movies. A lot of shows get cancelled these days, so I spend a lot of time watching shows that end up dead. But, I love:
    How I Met Your Mother
    Modern Family
    Hawaii Five-0
    White Collar
  13. songbird

    songbird New Member

    I don't have much time to watch television and I only have rabbit ears and a converter box and so I don't have too many options, but these are the show that I watch once in a while
    American Idol, biggest looser, Without a trace, Little House On the Prarie, Master Chef, Lie to Me, Csi, and nature.
  14. clauemi

    clauemi Member

    Right now I am watching Hells Kitchen, Master Chef, Big Brother, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, The Mentalist and I want to see that new show Take The Money and Run.
  15. zararina

    zararina Member

    I used to watch X-Files and Playing it straight before that it is still showing in TV.
    I am currently watching American Idol, Ambush Makeover and replays of America's Next Top Model.

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