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What Is The Last Thing You Bought?

Discussion in 'Fun Time' started by Chantilly, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. WorkingMom

    WorkingMom New Member

    Clothes for my son. I love shopping for my son's things.
  2. clauemi

    clauemi Member

    some sunny d and sprite yesterday before we went home for the day.
  3. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member

    Video games!

    My dad got me BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and Motorstorm for the PS3. Haven't played BlazBlue yet but Motorstorm is pretty epic.
  4. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member

    I [almost] bought this really poofy bunny... but then it attacked my mom.
  5. gothtini

    gothtini New Member

    Lets see, last thing I bought was pencil cases to hold my gameboy games in the store when I open it up.
  6. Jerlene

    Jerlene New Member

    The last thing I purchased was cigarettes and I am about to leave the house and get more.
  7. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member

    I last bought two Coldplay CDs and the Sims!
  8. Jerlene

    Jerlene New Member

    People are still buying C.D.s? lol
  9. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member

    I point and laugh at MP3s. Having physical copies of your favorite artists' work is where it's at.
  10. hachiko0919

    hachiko0919 Member

    The last thing I bought was herbal soap and ChapStick lip balm :)
  11. clauemi

    clauemi Member

    some new winter outfits for my kids yesterday, love shopping!
  12. Jerlene

    Jerlene New Member

    The last thing that I bought was three packs of cigarettes. I had to stock up for last night. I was having a party and every time I'm doing something, I have to have a lit cigarette in my mouth.
  13. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member

    Mylo Xyloto!! Oh my gosh I do not regret getting into Coldplay... this is like, the greatest thing ever!
  14. Renee

    Renee Member

    A double cheeseburger meal from Mcdonald's.
  15. summerRain

    summerRain Member

    The last thing that I bought is Pizza! I wanted to buy again a box of pizza right now.

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