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The Book Review Thread

Discussion in 'Television & Books' started by Snowbaby, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Eirini

    Eirini Active Member

    1. Fallen by Lauren Kate - I LOOOOOVE IT SO MUCH! A very exciting book with much of interesting descriptive content.

    2. Everlasting by Alyson Noel - Such a nice story! Dark romance :D

    3. Blue Moon by Alyson Noel (the sequel) - It was good but Everlasting was wayyy better
  2. Leahi

    Leahi New Member

    Love Fallen also, have you read the sequel? I haven't yet but cant wait too.

    Has anyone read the House of Night series by P.C. Cast?
  3. Eirini

    Eirini Active Member

    No, I haven't read the sequel. I'm still looking for the second book...ahhh i can't find it.
  4. Leahi

    Leahi New Member

    They have the sequel at walmart. I dont know where you are but walmart seems to be everywhere lol. Amazon sometimes has them at a better price than you can find in a store. There are just so many books out right now I want to read and can not find the time to read em all.
  5. Eirini

    Eirini Active Member

    I live in Greece so there is no Walmart here. Thanks for your help. I'll check in Amazon
  6. Eirini

    Eirini Active Member

    I just finished the "City of Ashes". It's the second book of The Mortal Instruments series. One word...EPIC! :D And "City of Bones" is epic too <3
  7. magickat

    magickat Member

    I can recommend anything by Margaret Atwood, she is an amazing novelist who deserves all the success and plaudits she has recieved. Her character creation is unequalled and I always come away from one of her books feeling like I really know the people and places in it and I find myself thinking about them weeks after finishing the book. If you haven't read any of her work before i would recommend Cat's Eye as a good entry point - a truly realistic and wrenching portrayal of childhood and its effects in later life.
  8. Eirini

    Eirini Active Member

    I just finished the first book of the Vampire Diaries series. At first, it was a bit...boring...but it turnt out to be kinda thrilling! :)
  9. magickat

    magickat Member

    I am reading The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse and it is very intriguing. I love her previous books - Labyrinth and Sepulchre.
  10. Eirini

    Eirini Active Member

    City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare. The best book of TMI :D ^.^
  11. magickat

    magickat Member

    If you fancy reading something a bit different then check out The Blue Glass Books of the Dream Eaters by G W Dahlquist, it is amazing! It is a long read but I was totally gripped all the way through.
  12. MelaRot

    MelaRot New Member

    Have just finished Love Conflict - Full (it's an application for iphones and pads). It's kind of a photo love story that a friend recommended. Lisa is the main character of this story and she really is an inspiration with her self secureness. Someone really invested time and effort into this. The graphics itself are already convincing. Hope there will be more of this, I really enjoyed it.
  13. SEA81

    SEA81 New Member

    If you have not read anything by Jen Lancaster, run, run run to your local book store and get her books! I read Bitter is the New Black, and now I can't stop reading her others. I even got meet her the other day. She writes memoirs, but in an oh-so-hilarious fashion! Basically, she was a $250,000 a year exec at a big company but lost her job after 9/11 and learned that there is more than life to be a snob...sort of ;-)
  14. Lee11

    Lee11 Active Member

    A book I really loved is called "The Alchemist". It is written by Paulo Coelho. It is written simply and beautifully. Like a fairytale for teens or adults. The story unfolds as a young boy/man searching for his treasure...and what he needs to go through in order to reach it...and the power that he unfolds.

    Really awesome book. Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian author but his work is translated into most languages, including English.

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