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Favorite Make-up brand

Discussion in 'Girlie Gossip' started by Lucy1982, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. lynbetz

    lynbetz New Member

    I love mac makeup, it has all kinds of original and crazy colours, pretty expensive, but the look i go for when i wear make up turns out great everytime.
  2. quadratic equation

    quadratic equation New Member

    I prefer mac and lancome .. and i've tried bourjois > soooo nice, also revlon is good = )
  3. Judsgirl68

    Judsgirl68 New Member

    I am loving Hard Candy products right now. Their "Glamoflauge" concealer is AMAZING. In my opinion better than Kat VonD tattoo concealer. Hard Candy eyeshadows aren't the best though.
    Elf eyelid primer is great, and their eyebrow kit is fabulous!
    For eyeshadows, if you can buy online get Coastal Scents. Color payout on their palettes is great!
  4. Quirky Jessi

    Quirky Jessi Member

    E.L.F.! It is not the highest quality, but it's also definitely not the most expensive. Everything is only a dollar a piece. I don't always buy it, but when I want to try out new colors or add to a specific costume, it's so cheap that I can experiment without breaking the bank.

    I have somewhat sensitive skin, but most ELF products don't bother me. I do go with CoverGirl for foundation because I finally found a color that matches me quite well.
  5. brihooter

    brihooter New Member

    I love a few different kinds. It depends on what I'm using it for. I love Mary Kay concealer and foundation, I love MAC pigment eye shadow, Cover Girl for the compact, Victoria's Secret lip gloss, and mascara.
  6. PamBeacher

    PamBeacher Member

    I am a big fan of a brand called Merle Norman. I found it about 20 years ago when I was having severe acne problems. I had given up on healing my acne and decided I would try at least covering it up. There were no malls where I was living at the time, just a place called Merle Norman. They gave a free make over with a purchase to I figured what the heck. Well, it did a great job covering, and within 2 weeks my skin was clear. Come to find out the foundation has zinc in it, and it works like magic on acne. SO needless to say I am still wearing it.
  7. SarahLizzie

    SarahLizzie Member

    It depends on the product. For my basic black eyeliner I stick with NYC, its typically a dollar and lasts longer than most othe brands I have tried.
    Liquid eyeliner I generally buy maybelline or NYC,
    Mascara, I bounce around amongst drugstore brands.
    Foundation I stick with covegirl.
    Now eyeshadow is something I prefer to buy higher quality, however I cannot afford it so typically I buy maybelline because of the color palets.
  8. altrouge

    altrouge Member

    My make up products are made of lots of different brands, but most are mainly Mac, Urban Decay and Lancome. These three main brands make up my foundation, eyeliner and powders. Recently I've taken an interest to a drugstore primer from Bourjois and it's really cool. I usually stick to Maybelline for mascaras. I don't really use eyeshadows, not good at application of it :p.
  9. Heatherode

    Heatherode New Member

    I mostly wore the cheaper brands of make-up when I was a teenager (stuff you could buy at the drug store, etc). A couple years ago, I treated myself to the MAC counter at Dillard's, and can never go back to what I used to use. I spent well over 100 bucks that first time, but it truly was worth it. For me, the concealer and powder are the most important items I can have. I don't like lipsticks but instead I'm addicted to chapsticks (lipsmackers actually, who knew I'd still love these when I'm almost 30)-- I suppose this saves me money in the long run and keeps me healthier due to all of the lipstick chemical scares.
  10. d_gabrielle

    d_gabrielle Member

    I really like the Ulta "store brand" mineral foundation. Most of my eyeshadows are Maybelline, I have some Hard Candy stuff... they have a foundation primer that is AMAZING! It's not greasy or heavy. I like the Urban Decay stuff but it's soooooo expensive. LA Splash, my lipsticks I think are mostly Revlon, Rimmel London. A lot of the time I go into the makeup department looking for a specific color or item and end up buying whatever brand fits what I was looking for.
  11. Parker

    Parker Member

    My favorite department store brand is MAC. I especially love their lipsticks, but since money is tight, I don't get to buy it as offer as I would like. My favorite drugstore line is Loreal and Cover Girl.
  12. sillylucy

    sillylucy Member

    I just bought some makeup brushes by e.l.f. and was amazed! This $3 brush I got at Target works wonders! I love it so! I also got one of their matting powders and concealers. It is so inexpensive. I am blown away by their eyeliner too. I like Cover Girl for powder and Benefit for foundation.
  13. smoochizm

    smoochizm New Member

    For any face products I use Makeup Forever. Powder, foundation, primer, all Makeup Forever. I love it! Some other brands that I use are Urban Decay, Stila, and of course, Mac. I'm obsessed with Mac eye shadows and lipsticks.
  14. j_pin

    j_pin Member

    I absolutely love Bare Minerals. It is so good for my skin and feels so light that I don't even know I have makeup on. I also like pretty much anything that is made by Sephora.
  15. daphine joseph

    daphine joseph New Member

    Fashion Fair is the BEST make up. When applied it's smooth and gives off a natural look and feel. when purchasing from the drug store though I prefer to use revlon, very affordable.

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