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Do you like to swim?

Discussion in 'LifeStyle' started by polly, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. polly

    polly New Member

    Hi girls,
    who loves swimming? Personally, I love to swim only in sea and not in pool. In particular, I swin only in very clean seas. Last summer I have spent my holidays in sardinia, a very wonderful italian island and I have loved so much its seas. I think that in Sardinia all is wonderful: the landscape, the hotels in Sardinia .... Yes I fall in love with Sardinia.
    And you, do you like to swim?
  2. UmiNoor

    UmiNoor Member

    I love to play in the water. I love to go to the pool or to the beach. But then I don't know how to swim. I just merely sit in the water that is not too deep and just play with the water. It's fun to be wet when it's getting hotter and hotter.
  3. Quirky Jessi

    Quirky Jessi Member

    I love being in the water. I'm not a strong swimmer in deep water, so I prefer not to actually swim much. I do love snorkeling, though, especially.
  4. dashboardc33

    dashboardc33 Member

    You are very fortunate that you had the opportunity to swim in the sea. I have been in the sea only a few times before on vacation. My family has a 2nd home on a lake and I swim there often. I don't mind swimming in a lake, pond or pool. They are all the same to me. I really enjoy swimming a lot.
  5. nailbeauty

    nailbeauty New Member

    I drown when i was a little, so now it is quite hard for me to learn swimming
  6. saizo6

    saizo6 Member

    The sad thing is that I never learned how to swim. Like nailbeauty, I almost drowned when I was a child and that led to a fear of getting into a pool and other bodies of water for the longest time. And as time went on I never bothered to learn how to swim. The most I do is dip my feet into the water.
  7. Lee11

    Lee11 Active Member

    Yes, I like to swim. It is one of the best feelings. I like the feeling of 'no gravity'...a light feeling and one always feels so calm and connected to the earth...while getting a good workout at the same time. I am thankful to my parents for sending me for swimming classes really young. I love swimming in all bodies of water.
  8. Parker

    Parker Member

    I also nearly drowned. I got swept up by a wave in the ocean. I remember swallowing a lot of sea water. I don't care for the water. I don't like to get my face wet. I will do water aerobics if the water is 4 feet or below. I don't feel as if I will drown. I can just stand up because I'm 5' 5 1/2".
  9. zararina

    zararina Member

    I enjoy swimming although I do not know how to swim. :p
    I will just submerge myself in the water and so falls is more enjoyable for me since I could just sit or stand in there and let the water pour on me. Lol
  10. QuatreHiead

    QuatreHiead New Member

    I do enjoy swimming myself. It's fascinating because I didn't learn to swim until I was in college. It too forever! But I had wanted to learn so badly that when I took the required beginning swimming course, I learned the fastest of all the other girls in my class. I remember my professor asking how I did it so fast. I admitted I just really wanted to be able to enjoy the water without as much of a fear of drowning. It was lonely all my childhood going to pool parties and hanging back while everyone else had all the fun. I really wish at those times I at least had the confidence to doggy paddle my way around the pool. Perhaps if I were more confident in by big butt and breast natural floating ability....
  11. kiwigirl

    kiwigirl Member

    Yes, I love swimming. :) I can't understand how people can go to the beach and just sunbathe the entire day without getting into the water. :eek: In saying this I hardly ever swim in my own city even though it's surrounded by the coast and a plethora of beaches as it's normally far too cold. However when I'm on vacation in a warm destination I'll swim everday whether it's at a water park, beach or swimming pool.
  12. razelia

    razelia Member

    This is going to be awkward, but I love to swim... but I can't swim. Confused yet? Yup, I love to go to beaches, to swimming pools, and just swim a bit, but I can't swim in deep places - I'd drown. Up until now, I still haven't mustered up the courage to actually learn proper swimming. I just start to panic a lot when people teach me. And I'm already in my 20's.
  13. Katrina

    Katrina New Member

    I teach little kids to swim in our local pool, just a few hours a week. Used to swim competitively so am somewhat of a water baby....... when I worked on cruise ships i jumped in the water whenever I could and swam to islands etc. Perhaps would be more hesitant now I seem to be more aware of sharks??!!!

    @razelia take your time with your swimming, head down to your local pool and just muck around floating etc. The more you do it the more confident you will get, sometimes if people try to teach they can't remember what it's like NOT to be able to swim so can't teach it very well.... if that makes sense. So just float and really get the feel of the water, and how you can use your body in it and support yourself with your arms etc. good luck!
  14. Ayane

    Ayane Member

    I like to swim, and I often do but when I try its often difficult. I never actually learned how to swim, except on my own, so i mostly struggle through doggie paddling and leg kicking in the deep end. (But I never let anyone else know that.) It would be >.< difficult.
  15. claudine

    claudine Member

    I love water, I love being in it and looking at it. But I can't swim. I've been trying so hard to learn how to do it - so far without success. I have no idea what I do wrong. Swimming seems so difficult:cry:

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