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Board Games You Like

Discussion in 'Fun Time' started by zararina, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Flamzeron

    Flamzeron New Member

    I like Clue. Life was also pretty fun.
  2. cefmac

    cefmac New Member

    I love board games. My favourites are Cluedo (Clue, I believe it's called in the US), Articulate, Scrabble and Escape from Colditz (a game where you have to try and escape a German prison camp - it's kind of nerdy but great fun!). I also love playing card games.
  3. Dreek Lass

    Dreek Lass Member

    I must say that I am not really a board game kid of girl? I don't like to sit down and play board games, unless the power has gone out and there is nothing else to do but socialize with the family through a board game lol. Might sound cold, but there are others things I would rather be doing.

    But if I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be Scrabble. I am amazing with words and so It is easy to beat people.
  4. Ayane

    Ayane Member

    Here I go!

    Merchant of Venus
    House on the hill
    Lords of Waterdeep
    Candy land
    Snakes and ladders
    Apples to apples
    Super Dungeon Explorer
    And more =]
  5. Trellum

    Trellum Member

    I loved to play the tourist board game as a kid, it actually taught me how to handle money quantities and give change. It's a very educational game, in my opinion it's a great game to teach children how to handle money, specially if they are kinda scared of math and counting. I know I was, but this game was a real savior.

    I used to play snakes and ladders, I liked bingo and playing dominoes with my mom. I don't play any of those but would love to do it with my children one day, I would like to give them something to remember me for... have god memories and so on.
  6. Kamaria Jones

    Kamaria Jones New Member

    I use to love the game Trouble and Candy Land. Loved playing them throughout my childhood.

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