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Board Games You Like

Discussion in 'Fun Time' started by zararina, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. UmiNoor

    UmiNoor Member

    I love playing board games that don't take too long a time and that is challenging. That is why I like to play Othello. It's pretty challenging and at the same time doesn't take too long to finish. I cannot stand board games that take ages to finish. Board games like Monopoly, Chess, Scrabble and others don't really take my fancy because they take too long to finish.
  2. Quirky Jessi

    Quirky Jessi Member

    I never thought to do that! What a great way to exercise your foreign language knowledge by practicing it even more. I would fail miserably at this point, I'm sure, but it'd be fun to try it like.

    And I like a ton of different board games. All of the classics come to mind, but I also like learning new ones. Too bad I don't really have anybody to play with or the time to really goof off with them any more.
  3. j_pin

    j_pin Member

    I rather like Monopoly and Life. Life has been a favorite since I was a kid! I also really enjoy playing a good game of Risk, but since the games are very intense and can last multiple days I don't really play it that often.
  4. SlapHappy

    SlapHappy New Member

    My favorite game was always Scrabble but I could never get anyone to play with me! My sister liked Monopoly and my mom was a big fan of Clue. My sister got a new game off Amazon this year called SmartA** that you could try out. It is a trivia game for normal people. :p Very fun to play!
  5. altrouge

    altrouge Member

    My favourite would be Scrabble and Monopoly :p. I get extremely competitive on those games :p
  6. j_pin

    j_pin Member

    I really like playing taboo if I'm with a fun group of people or Monopoly if it's a competitive group. Risk is also really funny, I've had some games with that that took days.
  7. Livvi

    Livvi Member

    My favourite board games of all time are Monopoly and The Game of Life. I recently bought a Monopoly game for my son and was disappointed to see there was no paper money in it - just plastic debit cards!! a sign of the times if ever I needed one! :) My favourite game from my childhood is without question, Operation - I remember I could never pluck out the funny bone without setting off the buzzer!! lol.
  8. saizo6

    saizo6 Member

    I've been a fan of Monopoly since I was a kid. I also like playing Scrabble, Life and Risk. My siblings and I would try to make the game more interesting by tweaking the rules a bit.
  9. classy_ally

    classy_ally New Member

    I love the game Uno. My cousins and I play it all the time. And now my mother has the latest version where you slap buttons on a console. It's almost like simon says. So fun!
  10. claudine

    claudine Member

    I really enjoy playing chess although I'm not very good at it - it's a very difficult game, isn't it? But it's also very, very interesting. I know I still have a lot to learn.
    Scrabble is also fun!:D
  11. Jesserotica

    Jesserotica Member

    I love Scrabble and Clue! I also used to have this game Key to the Kingdom which was this epic fantasy magic the gathering type board game.
  12. dashboardc33

    dashboardc33 Member

    My favorite board game is Scrabble. I love the word games, but no-one is my family likes to play Scrabble with me. They don't like the thinking games lol. The board game I cannot stand is Monopoly. It is just too long and is boring to me.
  13. Parker

    Parker Member

    Backgammon is my favorite board game. I don't run into many people who play it. I also like checkers.
  14. princessmiri

    princessmiri New Member

    scrabble is the best game
  15. cg303

    cg303 New Member

    We like to play Stratego because it is a strategy board game that is easy to learn , and makes you plan out the placement of your pieces before the game starts. As you move your pieces into each other the lower number wins except if you run into a bomb. Only an 8 can defuse bombs which is difficult because 8 is the 2nd highest number and can be killed easily by other pieces.

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