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Apple Cider Vinegar

Discussion in 'Ailments & Natural Remedies' started by ctec67, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. chelly

    chelly New Member

    Great post! I have heard of most of these uses of apple cider vinegar. My boyfriend drinks it everyday in his water, and it seems to contribute to his beautiful skin. After recommending it to me for allergies, it worked gradually. I found that the trick was to drink it with water on an empty stomach. I like the fact that it helps flush out the kidneys and helps with my energy level when I start my day. I haven't been using it long but before realizing its other uses, I usually just kept it in my cabinet for cooking. It does seem to help with weight loss along with a heathy diet and exercise.
  2. sarahp

    sarahp New Member

    Apple cider vinegar has been almost a miracle product for me. I have used it for everything from dealing with a yeast infection to improving the quality of my hair. I add a little baking soda to some apple cider vinegar and find that it really makes a huge difference with how soft my hair is. I also use apple cider to help with my skin. Apple cider vinegar has made a huge difference in almost every area of beauty for me. I began using olive oil a few weeks ago but I can't really say much about it yet. I have to give it some time before I can give an opinion about the miracles of olive oil one way or the other.
  3. KatharineSettles

    KatharineSettles New Member

    Ah, I love ACV. Rub it into my feet so that ridges don't form, take a shot of it in a glass of water when my digestive system doesn't feel so great, + it's good for skin as well. A lot of good uses.

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