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What should I wear with these boots?

Discussion in 'Fashion' started by Lugia, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member


    I stumbled across those and I really like them a lot and I think I might get a pair! The thing is, though... I'm not really sure what pants/shirt or what colors to wear with them. I want to look totally cool and fabulous but I also don't want to look like a fashion trainwreck. :ROFLMAO:
  2. Roàa_Naffaar

    Roàa_Naffaar New Member

    Black skater or swing dress would look amazing I think :D or just a black outfit ;)
  3. Roàa_Naffaar

    Roàa_Naffaar New Member

    *make sure they're mini
  4. Margit

    Margit Administrator Staff Member

    Black in general would fit it perfectly.
  5. Raccoonsrule400

    Raccoonsrule400 New Member

    Black leggings ought to do the trick. A neon blue shirt, maybe. I think it would be so cool to have those with the boots. You could be a space person or something. Also, don't be afraid to dress up!
    Tip of the day: Always bring extra clothes if you're on a road trip. Don't know what might end up. So I like to bring an extra pair of leggings or something.
  6. danielledavidson

    danielledavidson New Member

    I have to agree with what everyone else is saying, black. I'm sure that some leggings you go nice with them or so jeans. You would probably want them so that you could tuck them into the boots. I mean that's just what I imagine when I think about someone wearing them. They are super cute, so you should totally get them because I'm sure that you have some outfit that would go good with it.
  7. LaurenTaylor

    LaurenTaylor New Member

    Only black clothes and maybe gold earrings
  8. NYC001

    NYC001 New Member

    These are rocking! I say either black skinny jeans with a great sweater or top, or if you want to be a little punky cut off shorts and a tank/ crop top. Otherwise maybe a maroon/ burgundy dress with a flouncy skirt could be really cute (with black tights). I love them! I hope you rock them.

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