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What Colour Are Your Eyes?

Discussion in 'The Polling Station' started by Snowbaby, Sep 2, 2005.


What colour are your eyes?

  1. Blue

    0 vote(s)
  2. Green

  3. Brown

  4. Other

  1. dawnieuk

    dawnieuk New Member

    blue eyes
  2. peanuts

    peanuts New Member

  3. qscwert1559

    qscwert1559 New Member

  4. Jennifer Ilagan

    Jennifer Ilagan New Member

    brownish black
  5. Jenn

    Jenn Member

    Hazel! [​IMG]
  6. dobbo12882

    dobbo12882 New Member

    blue [​IMG] hehe
  7. daisyluigi_gurl

    daisyluigi_gurl New Member

    I have brown eyes [​IMG]
  8. Chantilly

    Chantilly New Member

    Mine are green. [​IMG]
  9. Subby

    Subby New Member


    I was going to say what mine were, but after Tilly described hers I got lost in them [​IMG]
  10. Chantilly

    Chantilly New Member

    ha ha! PFFT! [​IMG]
  11. ninja kitty yukiko

    ninja kitty yukiko New Member

    Mine are brrrrrrrrrown!
  12. claudine

    claudine Member

    I have grey eyes and I'm very happy about it. I always think my eyes look like the sky when it's raining:D . I used to dream about having green eyes though.
  13. Jesserotica

    Jesserotica Member

    My eyes are a really pretty brown. I've always gotten complimented on them a lot. They are one of the features that I actually like about myself and wouldn't change for anything. :)
  14. Parker

    Parker Member

    My eyes are a lovely dark brown. I love my eyes. They have an unusual shape. I get compliments all the time.
  15. Quirky Jessi

    Quirky Jessi Member

    Mine are brown. Very brown. They're not the kind that are almost black, but even the little flecks that you can see in them are other shades of brown.

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