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Weird And Funny News Stories...

Discussion in 'Girlie Gossip' started by Subby, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    Oh dear [​IMG]
  2. Subby

    Subby New Member

    If I get a tattoo... it'll be "I love somebody" [​IMG]
  3. Subby

    Subby New Member

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
  4. Subby

    Subby New Member

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
  5. Purplex777

    Purplex777 New Member

    Wow 0_0" All that news is AMAZING! lol

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  6. Purplex777

    Purplex777 New Member

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    Okayyy... *rolls eyes*
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    Okay. I agree I'm a Muslim, too... But I wouldn't do that 0_o But oh well.. I've seen many Muslim girls in my school who NEVER remove their scarfs and start crying like babies if some girls tease them :p lol

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    lol coool! :D
  7. Purplex777

    Purplex777 New Member

    Man with a Hole in the eye!! CHECK IT OUT!
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    Yay.. I live in Riyadh. I hope to see the kitty somewhere :p lol

  8. lovebeliever

    lovebeliever Member

    There are weired stories happening in every corner of the world every day.
    It can add more fun to our life.
  9. Doll Leviste

    Doll Leviste Member

    Wow, this seems to be more of a tragic story.. :3 Poor guy. Next time before you put on anyone's name make sure he/she isn't going to leave you in the coming months or years. This is one disadvantage of tattoos. Plus its permanent. :3 Odd tragic story. :3
  10. KrissDee

    KrissDee New Member

    PORT ORCHARD, Wash. — A 15-year-old boy has been suspended from school after wearing high heels and a dress to school as a part of a challenge laid down by his mother.
    Sam Saurs, a ninth grader at Sedgwick Junior High School in Port Orchard, said he told his mother that wearing high heels wouldn't be that hard. Saurs' mother challenged him to try it and he accepted. To take it even further, he decided to wear a dress, too.
    After Saurs showed up at school Wednesday in the dress and heels, the school suspended him for the remainder of the year. That suspension was later reduced to three days. But Saurs won't be allowed to go to the ninth grade dance or the class party at Wild Waves.
    The South Kitsap School District said the issue has been resolved and would not make any further comment about the incident.
  11. This one is totally crazy, and so funny...

    Ohio deputies: Woman sprayed us with breast milk

    DELAWARE, Ohio — A central Ohio woman accused of spraying sheriff's deputies with breast milk is facing charges including disorderly conduct. The Delaware County sheriff's office says deputies responded to a call about a domestic dispute early Saturday, and a man told them his wife was drinking at a wedding and hit him before locking herself in a car.
    The sheriff says deputies found the woman in a car and tried to talk with her, but she didn't cooperate. He says when deputies tried to remove her, she said she was a breast-feeding mother, then exposed part of her chest and sprayed them with breast milk.
    Authorities say 30-year-old Stephanie Robinette of Westerville faces charges including domestic violence, assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.
    Jail officials didn't know whether she has an attorney.
  12. Larya

    Larya New Member

    Meet Yoda, a household pet born with an extra pair of ears.

    Chicago, Illinois, couple Valerie and Ted Rock took the cat in two years ago after they visited a local bar, where a group of drinkers were handing the animal around and making fun of him.

    Since being adopted by the Rocks and after getting his picture posted on the Internet, the two-year-old feline has become an international media celebrity.

    The Rocks have received calls from Good Morning America, Fox News and The Tyra Banks Show. The moggy's mugshot has graced the pages of the London Guardian and British tabloids.

    Despite his strange appearance, Yoda - named after the pointy-eared Star Wars character (pictured below) - is a perfectly normal and affectionate cat and a delight to have around.

    His extra ears are thought to be the result of a genetic mutation.

    But Yoda's owners are keeping a close watch on their much-loved pet. They are concerned he could be catnapped because he is so different.
  13. Sindy

    Sindy New Member

  14. chibisa

    chibisa New Member

    it is very funny, I have read it and holding belly laugh. where are you find it ?:D
  15. chibisa

    chibisa New Member

    I have laught very much. Why do you have it? I will tell it with my friend and can they like it. My party birthday is upcoming, I will buy a projector in shop (1 old projector - máy chiếu cũ - is cheaper ) and watch it in party. People will laugh and happy. we will have time is relax both. i think it is good idea. Wonderful.

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