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wedges or heels?

Discussion in 'Fashion' started by claudine, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. claudine

    claudine Member

    I cant' decide between wedges and heels. Maybe you could help me? I've always liked heels more because they're so delicate and feminine. Unfortunately, they have one big disadvantage: they're sometimes so uncomfortable! I find wedges much more comfortable, but I've never liked them this much, although lately I've found some quite pretty wedges. I still can't decide. Maybe your opinions will help. Do you prefer heels or wedges? What do you wear more often ?
  2. Quirky Jessi

    Quirky Jessi Member

    I wear both. I would say that I wear wedges more often, simply because they're something I'm more likely to wear during the day. I stick to heels when I want to really dress up or during the evening hours when I won't be walking as much.
  3. Parker

    Parker Member

    I also wear both, but I prefer heels. I have one rule though...no cheap heels. My grandmother always told me to not be cheap with my shoes. I buy good heels. My feet are worth it. I have no problem buying cheap flats.
  4. Quirky Jessi

    Quirky Jessi Member

    I'm the opposite. I buy really good cheap flats because it's what I'm going to wear more often. Even if they have a bit of a heel, if they're my day-to-day shoes, then I need them to offer support. Real "heels," though, as in pumps or ones I'm going to wear out, I don't mind buying cheap. I know they're going to hurt my feet regardless, so why drop more money into them than necessary?
  5. Parker

    Parker Member

    A good pair of heels are worth their weight in gold. My feet never hurt in heels. It's getting hard and hard to find a decent pair of shoes with an outrageous price tag though.
  6. sillylucy

    sillylucy Member

    I wear both, but when it comes to comfort then I am grabbing the wedges! Heels can cause so much damage to your feet. Sometimes heels are comfortable too and flats just don't offer support. Are there any comfy shoes out there?!?
  7. kiwigirl

    kiwigirl Member

    I've fallen in love with wedge heels, these days there are so many fashionable styles. I have a nude/biege colored pair and a navy pair that go with fancier outfits and some new lilac summer wedges. I brought my first pair after seeing the Duchess of Cambridge wearing them with some cute outfits. Spring just started for those of us in the Southern hemisphere. :) I do have a few cute pairs of heels, but I live in ballet flats and riding boots.
  8. Epicfied

    Epicfied Member

    I wear both wedges and heels. I think I wear wedges more though.
    The two pairs of boots that I wear most often are wedges.

    I find wedges are cute and really easy to walk in for every day use.
  9. dashboardc33

    dashboardc33 Member

    If I had to choose, I would say heels. However, I must prefer flats over both of the two. Flats are so easy to walk in and you can find some really nice flats that can look nice at a wedding or a nice night out. I am not a fan of the way wedges look. I used to like them when I was in high school, but their appearance really is not something that I'd wear.
  10. SassyPrincess

    SassyPrincess Member

    I love both heels and wedges equally!
    So I can't choose... xD!
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