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Sibling Influence

Discussion in 'Teens Section' started by Miss K, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Miss K

    Miss K New Member

    Parents worry and talk about peer pressure and friend influence but never talk about sibling influence. Peer pressure does not only come from friends but it also comes from within a family.
    Everyone likes to thinks of people they love as good responsible people especially the young ones. They look up to the older one and like to think they are wise and their footsteps are okay to follow through. The decisions the older children make have a lot of influence on the decisions the younger one are likely to make.
    If the older child decides to live life irresponsibly, it is likely that most of the younger ones will follow suit. That might be because they like to think of the older sibling as responsible. It is very important that the older child or children make good decisions in their lives because in some way they are role models to the young ones. It might feel like a burden and like they are living life for others but truth is, what is right is right and wrong is wrong. It is not easy and they never have to be perfect but they are certain mistakes like getting pregnant at a young age, drug abuse and constant clubbing that can be avoided etc. It is important that older children be good role models.
  2. everio

    everio Member

    I think that's certainly true. Sibling influences become a part of peer pressure, and affect the actions of the younger sibling.

    I'm 16, and my sister's 18. A couple of weeks back, I found that my sister smokes occasionally, for social purposes. I wasn't that surprised, especially because I have friends who smoke occasionally as well, so now, it feels like everyone I know smokes, and it's definitely effecting my perceptions of smoking. So I think you're definitely right.
  3. clewand550

    clewand550 Member

    I completely agree with you. Younger kids usually do look up to their older brother or sister. Depending on their age, the younger child usually wants to be just like their older brother or sister. It is important that parents explain this to their older kids so that they do leave a good impression on the younger kids.
  4. I'm the oldest of my parents' kids so I never had someone to look up to... But I sure had people looking up to me! Unfortunately, my younger siblings chose to do everything opposite me.... Where I was well-behaved, they would break laws, get tickets & end up in court and/or jail. No drugs for me while they spent more time high/stoned/whatever you call it than they did sleeping. The list just goes on.

    The one thing I did 'wrong' was be a teen parent. I'm glad they didn't do the same but I wish they would stop with the opposite thing! I am doing my best to raise my kids right (including the one I had as a teen) while my siblings couldn't care less about their kids! Hell, the sibling closest to me got his wife preg (on purpose, I think) just days before he went to prison for 10 years. He doesn't write to her or anything either so the kids (5 & under) know nothing about him. They'll be teens by the time he gets out because he has no chance of parole.
  5. UmiNoor

    UmiNoor Member

    Very true. My youngest daughter looks up to her older sister. She would even choose to go with her older sister than to go anywhere with me. She used to like to hang out with me but now that she's almost ten years old, she'd rather hang out with her older sister. That is why older sisters have to be good role models to their younger siblings.
  6. dconklin

    dconklin Member

    My older daughter is a good role model for my younger daughter. She is well behaved, often times it is my youngest daughter who gets the attitude with her sister.

    I agree completely about siblings being a good role model. My younger daughter may not want to admit it, but she does look up to her big sister.
  7. claudine

    claudine Member

    I don't think it's true. At least not in my case. My sister is 2 years younger than me - and she is completely different than me, she chose her own way and has never really tried to be like me. I'm the irresponsible one, a philosophy student who will probably never find a decent job, an outsider who spends time reading poetry, dreaming and wasting time.
    She is never late, she is always prepared for everything, soon she'll get a PhD and she already has a job.
  8. SassyPrincess

    SassyPrincess Member

    I agree with you. I'm younger than my older brother (Um.. Duh!) and I do some of the things that he does WITHOUT even knowing it.

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