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My Equine. =)

Discussion in 'Household, Hobbies & Pets' started by Dark Magician Girl, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Dark Magician Girl

    Dark Magician Girl New Member

    Posing for the photographer (Chucheria <-->(horse) was a bit young, she is much taller).

    Getting ready to show

    Horses out at pasture

    My nephew, the newest Paso Fino enthusiast.
  2. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    Wow!! How long have you kept horses?
  3. merisplit

    merisplit New Member

    Wow, that's relly something special..I really love horses, although I'm afraid to ride one of those [​IMG]
  4. Dark Magician Girl

    Dark Magician Girl New Member

    I have been raising and showing horses for nearly nine years. I grew up with them, though being so young and having the responsibility of have a horse was certainly daunting. I have nine of them now, and show season is soon to be in near the middle of May. Just noticed my Mom hiding behind Marcelita (white Mare).
  5. Orrymain

    Orrymain Member

    Horses are wonderful animals. I'm not a rider, but a friend of mine is.
  6. justontime

    justontime Member

    I no longer have horses, but they have been a very important part of my life. My first pony was my closest friend, I have loved and enjoyed every horse I have ever had, but there is always something extra special about the first one.
  7. Luv2write

    Luv2write Member

    I have only rode on a horse once. It was pretty fun. But that was years ago.
  8. justontime

    justontime Member

    It has been the best activity in my life, throughout my childhood and on on into my adult life. It is good exercise, it keeps you busy and active, it gets you out into the fresh air, you learn to appreciate the countryside and you develop a lasting love and respect for horses. There really is nothing quite like it.
  9. NatureElf

    NatureElf Member

    I rode quite a few times when I was younger. I loved it. I never owned a horse or pony. I did know a lot of people, growing up and now, that do own horses. I would like to get my little ones into riding. I think it is a wonderful way to connect with nature.
  10. justontime

    justontime Member

    NatureElf, it is a really connection that develops between you and your horse/pony and when you are on horseback you see things that you would never see if you were walking or travelling by car.
  11. oceangypsy

    oceangypsy Member

    That is a beautiful way to say it justontime. So true also. We just watched the Black Stallion with the kids and now my oldest really wants to try riding.
  12. justontime

    justontime Member

    How old is your oldest Oceangypsy? It would be good to get your children to learn to be comfortable around ponies first and to learn basic safety such as not walking close behind a pony, how to handle the pony etc. Then when the child is ready to ride, make sure it is a safe and steady pony, don't rush the child, let her progress at her own pace. That is the best way to build up confidence.
  13. Growing up, I loved the idea of having a horse but then actually got to meet a horse up close and they are HUGE! Man, those things are really big and scary, especially if you meet one head on.

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