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My attempt to be feminine...

Discussion in 'The Expression Centre' started by Lugia, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Cecille

    Cecille Active Member

    Totally agree with you ladies. Giygas not need to be more feminine if she just feels forcing herself to it. At the end of the day, the real you will still prevail. And I believe that nothing beats the feeling of freedom whenever you are showing the world who you really are. It's not their business anyway, it's yours. :)
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  2. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member

    Thanks ladies, I appreciate your words, it really means a lot :)
  3. d_gabrielle

    d_gabrielle Member

    Hey... whatever. I have a pretty girly-girl friend who is super proud of her car and loves NASCAR. I saw a thing on TV about.... actually I forget now what they were talking about. I think it was a school but honestly can't remember, anyway they had a community toy chest and the kids were encouraged to play with any toys they wanted - boys were encouraged to play with dolls and "domestic" toys (like play-kitchens) and girls with trucks and construction stuff, to try to lessen the importance of masculine vs. feminine. Everyone has their thing; it doesn't change what kind of person you are in relation to others.
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  4. kiwigirl

    kiwigirl Member

    Neat digital artwork. Don't worry about trying to be feminine, just be you.;) It's alright to be a contridction too. If there is a girly part of you that you're afraid to display because your a tom boy, don't worry, just show it. I'm a girl and have always loved cars, TopGear,video games, technology, football (soccer) and watch UFC (mixed martial arts). So what, I can still wear pretty dresses one day and jeans and a plain t-shirt the next day if I want to. :D I never used to wear my pretty dresses as I thought people would think I was strange or not girly enough to put it off. I'm glad I'm not afraid to just be me now. It's funny how often guys are surprised when I talk to them about things they wouldn't expect a girl to know. :cool:

    I'm really thankful for my dad who taught me from day one that I didn't have to conform to what society defines as being feminine. I remember being four and my dad teaching me car makes and models and playing with Tonka trucks and match box cars. I'd put my dolls in the truck ha ha ha.
  5. d_gabrielle

    d_gabrielle Member

    Also, I have a friend who is a ballerina and manages a sporting goods store and teaches gun safety classes. On the subject of contradictions HAHA
  6. kiwigirl

    kiwigirl Member

    Ha ha, that's awesome. It kind of makes sense when you think of how physical ballet really is. There is a popular reality show in New Zealand, where I live, which goes behind the scenes of the New Zealand Royal Ballet Company.I kind of see ballet not only as a form of dance but as a form of sport too. :D I think it's wonderful that more and more these days women are able to have a mixture of interests.

    I also hate the sterotype some people hold that pretty women can't be tomboys or hold interests which are seen as traditionally male. It's not true obviously. As for the guns, I'd love to try a lesson one day. I know how to carry and deal with guys as my character had one in a short film I was in,but I've never shot one. That reminds me ha ha a few months ago I was in a short film where my character got to lop off a corrupt King's head. I have my first technical practice of the scene and scared the living daylights out of my cast mate a tough stocky six foot something bloke. He seriously almost wet his pants, the crew gave him a hard time about it for the rest of the shoot. I didn't scream like a girly girl as he probably expected (as my character up until that point was a walk over) instead I chanelled 300 and Lord of the Rings:D

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