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Lipgloss or Lipstick????

Discussion in 'Teens Section' started by sunbeam, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. sunbeam

    sunbeam New Member

    This is for teen gals only.....do you wear lipgloss or lipstick???:)
  2. Depp

    Depp New Member

    Lip gloss all the way haha. Occasionally I wear lip stick but that's so rare. <33 LIP GLOSS <33
    I am the ultimate lipglossoholic
  3. lucylushx3

    lucylushx3 New Member

    I only wear lipstick on rare occasions.
  4. saraerose

    saraerose New Member

    idk either one I guess it depens on the day xD

    but motsly lipgloss :p
  5. Storm_child

    Storm_child New Member

    i wear gloss for like, anything really, but if me and my friends are dressing up to take pretty pictures, i'll wear lipstick. ^^
  6. amoredolcex0

    amoredolcex0 New Member

    lippppp glossssssss def!
  7. Misa.Amane

    Misa.Amane New Member

    Lipgloss is the best thing :) I wear lip gloss every day, it's cute and i think most boys like it better too ;) :)
  8. pudding cups

    pudding cups New Member


    ...most teens cant pull off lipstick
  9. mckenzie101

    mckenzie101 New Member

    def. lip gloss, i love the fruity flavored ones!!!
  10. Fresh

    Fresh New Member


    it makes me HOT hehehe
  11. girlygirl13

    girlygirl13 New Member

    Lipgloss! I can't pull off lipstick, plus lipgloss is shiny and lipstick is waxy; I prefer shiny over waxy.
  12. Brighteyes

    Brighteyes Member

    Lipgloss any day, but for really special ocassions I will put on lipstick.
  13. johnmarshel

    johnmarshel New Member

    lip gloss is good for a teen ages,because the mostly they like it and eat it but lip gloss is better it not affect them and now more variety available they like most.
  14. mjecson

    mjecson New Member

    I think for the girls lipgloss is suitable because from that the color of the leave can remain for the long time and you can feel comfortable in it also.
  15. Afacia

    Afacia Guest

    I don’t normally put makeup; I only wear them if there’s a special occasion. If I will ask which one I do prefer, I will choose both.

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