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How to cope your disappointment to your boyfriend?

Discussion in 'Post Office' started by Krizzieme, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Krizzieme

    Krizzieme New Member

    i really love him but i cant get out in my mind the disappointed.
    any suggestions hot to cope this ..
  2. Quinny

    Quinny New Member

    What's making you disappointed?
  3. Jennib

    Jennib New Member

    I am not sure what he did to disappoint you but if it isn't a very serious disappointment, like seeing someone else behind your back, maybe its good to remember that he isn't perfect and we all make mistakes. There will always be someone we love who will disappoint us and we will also be a disappointment to other people sometime in our life. As I said, if it isn't something serious then it is best just to forgive and forget.
  4. Chavaun Jones

    Chavaun Jones Member

    This is tricky. I'm all for open and honest relationships. I think if they're meant to be, they'll survive any all drama that may occur. However...if it's something that had the potential to hurt the other person, words need to be chosen carefully, and the issue should be approached carefully and with tact. I would let him know in which ways I was disappointed and before that, I'd decide if it was something that I could deal with or if the disappointment was so severe I could never reconcile myself with it. At any rate, I'd be easy and forgiving. Odds are, every person in their life at one point or another has disappointed someone else. For all you know, there's something that you've done that's disappointed him. People aren't perfect and make mistakes. It's life. Be easy :)
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  5. Lee11

    Lee11 Active Member

    How do you cope with disappointment? I think the only way to go with that is to forgive him. I do not know what happened but you always forgive when you love. It is not always easy but it is what Love does. If it is something really hurtful that you cannot get over...then you can forgive and move on. Just spend a lot of time in your heart, and easing the pain and disappointment there but keep it open (still protect it though from any further disappointment).

    I sincerely hope you sort this out, and all the best.
  6. Livvi

    Livvi Member

    I agree with others, how you cope with your disappointment is all down to what happened to make you feel like that in the first place. Disappointment is not a nice feeling, especially when it is someone you love - so instead of concentrating on whatever happened, think about the reasons why your boyfriend has made you happy in the past. We are all human and all capable of causing others to be disappointed, remember that and any times you may have caused him to feel that way about you. If the reason behind how you feel is huge, such as cheating etc, then that is a different story and really depends on how strong your relationship is and whether you want to make it work or not.
  7. angielou123

    angielou123 New Member

    Time really is a healer. Ive been devestated over relationships before, but it does wear off, sometimes taking longer than others. Hang in there!
  8. Rhomapsy

    Rhomapsy New Member

    Forgive and forget thats how you cope

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