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Do You Wear Make-Up Everyday?

Discussion in 'Girlie Gossip' started by angelle, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. dconklin

    dconklin Member

    Great way of putting it! My mom never really wore make-up either and I didn't get as into it as other women did myself. I can't be bothered to take the time to do make-up but I am also a "this is me - like it or not" kind of person. My kids are slightly interested in make-up but not real interested. Maybe because they don't see me wearing any.

    I have always been telling my girls that they don't need make-up to be pretty and that people are prettier without it. So hopefully that helps as they get older. Supposedly there are findings of harmful chemicals in make-up from what I have been reading lately so I am glad that I never got into it :)
  2. Vanna

    Vanna New Member

    I used to wear makeup all the time and wouldn't leave the house without it. When I was younger it would take me 2 hours to do my makeup and hair. Then through the years I narrowed it down to 1 hour for makeup and hair. Now, I can do it all in about 10 minutes. I love the time that I save, but when I was younger I "thought" I had to look my best at all times. Now, it's just not as important to me, plus my husband tells me that I look better without makeup. Some days I don't even put any makeup on and it makes my face feel so much better.
  3. lucky777

    lucky777 New Member

    I never wear any make-up at all. I think I wore it to middle school once, but that was it. I went all of high school without wearing any. It's not because I'm trying to be all high and mighty or anything by saying that I'm beautiful the way I am. Honestly, I'm just too lazy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a slob - I take showers regularly and brush my teeth, but that's about as far as I go.

    The other reason I don't wear make-up is because I hate drawing attention to myself. I don't go out of my way to be unattractive since that would cause people to stare, too, but I definitely don't try to look pretty or beautiful. For most of high school, I kept my hair as short as possible without being bald (pixie cuts), wore baggy clothes, and generally tried to stay off everyone's radar.
  4. cg303

    cg303 New Member

    I used to wear makeup in high school . My mom wouldn't allow me to wear till than. In junior high I wore powder and would sneak in some mascara at the school bathroom. Now that I am 28 and have two kids . I don't wear as much makeup as I did in high school. Its not that I don't have the time for it. I have developed bad allergies at least that's what the doctor is telling me. Every time I would wear mascara or eyeliner. I noticed my eyes would start burning and turning really red. I even tried the hypoallergenic makeup. That didn't work really work. So now I just stick with foundation and blush. I do need foundation at least!
  5. cefmac

    cefmac New Member

    Most days, yes, unless I know that I won't be going out. Most of the time I like to keep my look simple, with just concealer, mascara and creme blush, but if I'm feeling creative or I'm going out then I'll do my foundation, eyeliner and eyeshadow as well.
  6. amy005

    amy005 New Member

    I don't wear make up everyday. but then I also don't go out everyday. I am a stay at home mom so don't really feel the need to put on make up when I am juts at home with my son but when I do go out I like to put a little extra effort into my self by putting on make up. I usually wear mascara, bb cream and eye liner.
  7. kiwigirl

    kiwigirl Member

    Nope, I don't wear makeup if I plan to stay home or run errands close to home. Although I'll usually wear a light BB cream (right now I'm using Urban Decay's Beauty Balm), as it has SPF protection, which is handy in case I forget to put on sunblock. :)

    I don't think it's necessarily to wear makeup to look pretty. It's strange but I've had guys try to flirt with me at me running club, after a race. :LOL:
  8. katews

    katews Member

    There was a time when I wouldn't go out without my mascara and usually eye shadow as well. Concealer... well that was with me all the time, too. Once in a while I found a lip gloss that I really liked, but didn't wear that all the time.

    As time went on, though, I found that I was wearing makeup less and less often and I started to like the natural look.

    Now it probably doesn't count as makeup, but I do still like trying out different kinds and colors of nail polish. Not every day, but more often than the other things these days.
  9. Agnesia

    Agnesia New Member

    I used to wear make up everyday! I always thought that I look better, but I had an eye surgery and I wasn't allowed to. Inexplicably I got bigger tips and more guys were asking me out. I do work in entertainment business! I believe sometimes is more important to be confident. With a good cleaning routine and a nice haircut we don't need to wear make-up everyday!
  10. pipps

    pipps Member

    I rarely wear make up, I actually feel more insecure the more make up I wear. Is that strange?

    The one thing I do love are eyelashes. Even if I'm not wearing make up I love my eyelashes to look long using mascara or false eyelashes but I rarely wear either.

    I'm lucky enough to have good skin which looks nice and dewy and tan:)
  11. Jil Diamante

    Jil Diamante New Member

    I wore make up everyday. It's one way of showing how you represent yourself. It's not just a form of mundane obsession over one's self. It's one way of giving yourself that value to be respected and treated well by other people.
  12. Gabriellea

    Gabriellea Active Member

    I used to work on a beauty counter and had to wear make up every day. These days I only wear it when I need to or if I feel I need a pick me up. There was a time I couldn't leave the house without make up but once I was able to do it, I never looked back. Unless it's work or a special event, I only wear a light make up, concealer, bronzer and lipgloss as it's east to touch up and is more natural.
  13. gorgeous33

    gorgeous33 New Member

    I only wear make up sometimes but mostly when i am going out places. When i do wear make up i keep it simple. Eye shadow, eye liner and lipstick or lipgloss. It seems more natural to me. But also it could make you feel more confident about you. But i don't really need make up i was blessed with good skin. But i will apply nail polish i like soft vibrant colors.
  14. angielou123

    angielou123 New Member

    Not every day. If im not going anywhere then no, I wouldn't bother. To go out theres a certain amount of concealer, powder and lip stain that I would use. Only use eye make up on special occasions. I would not put a full face of slap on to do the school run!
  15. Mirage

    Mirage New Member

    I don't wear make up everyday and I wear light make up occasionally.

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