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Do you have brothers and sisters?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy & Parenting' started by Zynni, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Zynni

    Zynni Member

    Do you have any brothers or sisters, and if so, how well do you get along with them? I always wanted a sister, but I don't have any. I do have a brother. We aren't especially close, but we are okay.
  2. Gabriellea

    Gabriellea Active Member

    I always wanted a little sister and used to my parents that what I wanted for Christmas. I have a younger brother (11 months) and I used to try and practice make-up on him!

    We used to be close, but aren't as much. Still we lived together when we left home for a while and there is just the two of us. When he moved from the UK to Germany for work, all his 'friends' were busy on the day he left. So he called me, 4 hours before he left as a last minute call for help. I think that's when he appreciated having a sibling as we ended up moving all his excess stuff and leaving at my place non stop until it was done at 2 a.m. before his ferry. Not that's being a sibling.
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  3. Nrae29

    Nrae29 New Member

    I have a half brother and half sister that I grew up with until I was about 12 and my parents split up. I stay in contact with my sister, but we're not very close and while I've tried to contact my brother, but he's never been a 'family' type, so not much to say there.

    I will say, growing up with them always sucked because I'm the baby and they always picked on me, but I kind of like the idea of being a lonely child as well. I guess I got to live in both worlds for a bit, but I'm content with how things are, I've nevr needed much family.
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