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BYOU Magazine for young girls

Discussion in 'Teens Section' started by dconklin, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. dconklin

    dconklin Member

    I am not affiliated and I am not trying to sell the magazine, but just wanted to share this awesome magazine! I have had a chance to work with Debra who started the magazine (not in person but we did a giveaway a while back) and she is such a great person. This magazine is all about helping girls see the beauty in being themselves.

    In this world where everybody is worried about looking like this person or that person (and if they are skinny or anything else), it is great to read a magazine that helps you to see your own beauty inside and out.

    Great for self esteem! Just wanted to give the magazine a mention to let young teens and their moms know that it is one of the best magazines (if you were going to get a magazine it is the one I would recommend.)
  2. dashboardc33

    dashboardc33 Member

    This is awesome. I should think about getting it for my 12 year old. Her self esteem is pretty good, but in the middle school world, everyone is always trying to be better than someone else. Or thinking that they have to wear certain clothes to fit in. It really is sad. I would be interested in seeing what this magazine looks like inside.
  3. dconklin

    dconklin Member

    I don't always look through the magazine racks in stores so I am not sure if it is available at all stores yet. If they do I would definitely take a look through it, I am sure you will like it. We found it when I was asked to do a giveaway on my blog at the end of last year and we were really quite impressed with it. My girls both loved it! I am not affiliated with them even tho I did a giveaway with them so I am not recommending them for a sale :)

    They interview Disney stars that kids would like to show that they are just like every other girl. They also have a section for readers to have their pictures in the magazine with a little bit about themselves. They have a Q&A section about bullying with a teen who had been through it. Lots of great stuff for girls!

    Yeah I remember the middle school days when girls are pressured to fit in. I remember from when I was in school, but my oldest will be there next school year.

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