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Banana & Apricot Loaf

Discussion in 'Household, Hobbies & Pets' started by Snowbaby, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    I just made this, thinking it would be a nice healthy intake of fibre.... Only thing is I had no idea what "JS high fibre bran" was so I subsituted that with Kelloggs All Bran cereal :lol: And I wasn't sure what type of apricots to use - but used dried ones chopped up.


    OMG it's good!!! Even hubby liked it :blink: Considering what's in it, I thought he'd gag at the thought of it, he said "mmmmm I'll be having more of that later" :eek:

    Healthy for the kiddos too!
  2. Orrymain

    Orrymain Member

    I love banana bread but never considered adding apricots to the mix.
  3. I like Kelloggs Raisin Crunch. Never tried their All Bran variety though. I like banana bread, very tasty. Never been a big fan of apricots though. Maybe I could substitute dates or raisins or both and add walnuts.
  4. mommymumbles

    mommymumbles Member

    This sounds like it would be perfect with a morning cup of coffee. Very healthy too with fiber and fruit in it. I like some kind of bread/muffin in the morning but anything too sugary first thing gives me a stomachache. So this sounds perfect. Thanks for the link, I will be testing this one out.
  5. Marie1

    Marie1 New Member

    This sounds delicious; it reminds me of a recipe I make all the time:
    Banana and Apricot Flapjack.
    >> Recipe <<

    I tend to use only agave syrup, and skip the golden Syrup as well as using Pure Dairy Free Spread. This makes it much healthier, suitable for vegans, has a low GI index, contains no added sugar and is low in fat. But most importantly, it's absolutely delicious. :D

    Thought I'd share, but I'll definitely be trying the bread, too. Bananas and apricots are my two favourite ingredients when baking. :)

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