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Who taught you about periods?

Discussion in 'Teens Section' started by Quirky Jessi, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. trishgl

    trishgl Member

    My period started late in life so I had already studied it in detail in Health class. It was fortunate though because I think having a conversation about all that stuff including the birds and the bees with my mom is just not something I'd be comfortable with. My mom is more the traditional I'm the mom do as I say type, not the open let's talk about everything type.
  2. Zynni

    Zynni Member

    Thankfully, my mom told me. She did so as soon as I was old enough to understand. I didn't really want to know at the time, lol, but I was glad later. She explained that no one had told her, which was horrible. Back in the day they didn't talk about such things, apparently. She got her period, and she freaked out. She thought something was terribly wrong and that she might die. A friend came to the rescue. I'm glad it's not like that today. My girls and I can pretty much talk about anything.
  3. Trellum

    Trellum Member

    My mom didn't really explained much, she had talked about it, but only the big picture, didn't really go into a lot detail until I finally had my first period. I remember it so well. I remember when I went out to the yard, where she was working on something and told her I was bleeding down there. I think I was a bit scared. She then told me it was normal to bleed down there, but she didn't expect me to do it so soon. I was 11 years old back then...

    I recently found out that having your period so young can be a high risk factor for several types of ''femenine'' cancers. Bummer!
  4. Trellum

    Trellum Member

    Awwww!!!! Poor little thing!!!! I also thought I was probably dying, lol, but I didn't really freak out that much, hehehe. I was such a laid back kid back then, amazing to see I turned into a really stressed adult later in life. I can understand your reaction tho, if I was just 9 and I suddenly found blood coming out from down there (without having heard a word about menstruation) then I'd also freak out! And I thought I had my period too early in life at 11 years old!

    My mom has always said that being a woman is a beautiful thing, but it can also be a bit daunting. For me my periods are that part that makes being a woman so daunting... they show up when I less expect them to! No regular periods for me.
  5. CuteyKitten

    CuteyKitten New Member

    My mom totally taught me. I'm homeschooled so there was no way I was learning it from school. It happened on the 4th of July, so weird. My mom explained everything over the course of the next months. However, that following weekend after I started, she took me out to eat at some fancy resturant in celebration.
  6. SassyPrincess

    SassyPrincess Member

    My friends did. I got my first period while I was in school, so they had to take care of me... LOL :ROFLMAO:.
  7. leahlav812

    leahlav812 New Member

    I learned in school in about the 4th grade when they sent a note home to all of the girls parents asking for permission to watch a video about puberty. Then they sat us all in one class and showed all the girls the movie, while all the boys outside played football. Then when I personally first got mine I knew what to do from the video, and then told my mom after.

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