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Which Make-Up Brand Do You Use?

Discussion in 'Fashion' started by angelle, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. angelle

    angelle Member

    Currently, I have been using Rimmel and Revlon interchangeably; I was thinking that I should discontinue the use of Rimmel because it is not oil free, and I am constantly breaking out. I have yet to find a Rimmel product that did not contain oil. It seems like everything contains oil. I need to use any make-up brand that provides oil free product. What about you guys? Does it matter what kind of brand you use?
  2. BlackStar101

    BlackStar101 New Member

    It depends what for, most of the time I tend to buy Urban Decay since I've found it lasts a long time for me as well I like the fact they're products are vegan and they don't test on animals. My exceptions to that are eyeliner and mascara in which case I prefer MAC as the climate I'm in I find it sets better and doesn't smudge as much. For pressed powder I always buy Covergirl since it's the one brand that has a powder that matches my skin plus using it daily I tend to go through it a lot more quickly.
  3. claudine

    claudine Member

    In the past, I used to love L'Oreal products, especially double mascaras (with white base) and lipglosses. Now, I don't care about the brand. I look for cosmetics that don't contain too many chemicals. I noticed that chemicals cause acne, so I have to avoid them:(
  4. trishgl

    trishgl Member

    I love Benefit cosmetics. I like that they thought of makeup that enhances your looks and not paint over it. I feel that makeup which highlights your features makes you feel better about yourself. I also appreciate their kits that help guide you on how to put together a look. I'm not good when it comes to mixing color palettes so their fool proof ones are heaven sent.
  5. I used to be very picky in the past about brands when it came to cosmetics and clothes, but nowadays I don't longer care.

    Any clothing I feel comfortable with is my kind of clothes, and since I don't longer wear as much make up as I used to wear years ago, any brand of cosmetic is fine to me because basically I only wear eyebrow pencil and some lipstick.
  6. kiwigirl

    kiwigirl Member

    I love Urban Decay (for their eyeshadow palettes, beauty balm, blusher and bronzer), Revlon for their lipstick and Maybelline for their falsies mascara.
  7. Roàa_Naffaar

    Roàa_Naffaar New Member

    Rimmel for mascaras (y) However I quit using them and went for Tweezerman lash curlers:D
  8. Zynni

    Zynni Member

    I prefer oil free cosmetics as well, but I don't really have a set brand right now. I've been trying different ones. I'm considering trying natural products.
  9. EmmaCrul

    EmmaCrul New Member

    Rimmel London!!
  10. danielledavidson

    danielledavidson New Member

    I usually just buy whatever I want when I go shopping. I don't usualy buy for the brand. Most of the time I buy whatever I think will be the best, or what pops out to me. I mean I don't mind buying for the brand, but sometimes I just like to change things up. I always see people posting different reviews for different makeups online, so I always like to try some of the things that I have heard good things about.
  11. prettydoll

    prettydoll New Member

    I love Benefit for skin stuff, especially primer. Rimmel and GOSH are both great for mascara, and MAC has some really good ones too. I mostly use a mix of drugstore brands with a few more expensive products here and there.

    If I'm going to spend extra money on cosmetics, I like it to be a staple like foundation, mascara, or black liquid eyeliner. For things like eye shadow that are fun to experiment with I pick less expensive brands so I'm not too disappointed if I don't like them. I've found some really good deals that way too and ended up with a few favourite products :)
  12. Gabriellea

    Gabriellea Active Member

    I used to work on beauty counters so I have used and tried lots of brands. I like Chanel for nail polishes and lipsticks, L'Oreal for mascara. NYC does a good range of cheek colors and very cheaply and M.A.C does good concealers and foundations. Nars is a favorite of mine for everything, but I can't afford it all.
  13. lynnh

    lynnh New Member

    I use Black Opal range of products it works best for me and is available in most department stores at competitive prices , I am not really a concealer type of girl but I use their foundation and pressed powder together with the eye-liners mascara and lipstick and gloss very simple and fast since I have a busy schedule with kids and work and school ooh and my husband too all keep me very busy .
  14. MLuns

    MLuns New Member

    NYX Cosmetics is my favorite, "go-to" affordable makeup line. The "Stay Matte Not Flat" liquid and powder are both oil free and provide excellent coverage without feeling too sticky or cakey. I have encountered problems with irritation when using other "drug store" brands; NYX has never broken me out or clogged my pores. If you have not tried it, I suggest running to your nearest ULTA to snag up a few of the NYX products! For $20, you can buy the liquid and powder.

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