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watercolor illustrations for an e book

Discussion in 'The Expression Centre' started by SophiaLazar, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. SophiaLazar

    SophiaLazar New Member

    Watercolors. Im doing an e book on health and wellness, sort of like an alice in wonderland thing.
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  2. claudine

    claudine Member

    The illustrations are so beautiful and detailed, I really love them! They have a lovely, vintage touch that I adore The girl on the right reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.
    Did you draw the illustrations? If yes, then you are really good at t!:D I wish I could draw like this too.
  3. Margit

    Margit Administrator Staff Member

    Wow, really like the drawings!
  4. pipps

    pipps Member

    WOW, they are beautiful and I love the concept of this book. Can you tell us anything else about the book?

    You're an amazing illustrator, wish I was as talented as you:)
  5. SophiaLazar

    SophiaLazar New Member

    Thank you! This is the great thing about forums.. Firstof all... You see, I had the creative idea for this book a long time.. Never got around to starting the art.. Then I got a great start on it.. Then as happens when you work in your own studio a lot without as many in person friends as you had when younger.. And so you get a bit like.. Jeez is this project a priority? I have so much to do.. And something that's almost done gets stuck on a back burner . so the past two weeks revamping my online portfolio has been a big job to tackle and I wanted to finish this book so I show the drawings and the finished version.. And then I just got really inspired to work on it again because of the posts here! The book is meant to show how caring for the body with natural products is not just a "new age" or "kwak" type of medecine meant to just get people to buy vitamins they don't need.. Which has kind of been in the news lately.. The traditional looking shop and the fairy tale theme is meant to show that there is plenty of common sense that children and younger adults can absorb in an illustrated and cultural way, so that it sticks with them and gets passed on again. Like lately the media has said that vitamins like fish oil is hogwash to be taking as a supplement. But when I a little person my great grandmother held my nose and put spoonfuls of the most awful tasting cod liver oil in my mouth! It WAS truly gross and often made me queezy on the school bus! But I know that all through the new England winters my friends had bad colds and flu's& infections and I NEVER was sick.. So if modern tech can make fish pills with a lemon taste then I say AWeSome! So I felt that it was the and love and faith I had in my old world grandmother from Greece who knew how to care for sick children with things like polio and scarlet fever..that made me avoid confusing TV news meant to grab a few seconds of your attention & promoting commercials with real world knowledge passed down for centuries... That certaon things miht be fads but some things are not rubbish.. But once these folks pass.. A lot of the real healing gets confused when some news byte says.. " a new study today says bla blah blah" and then some twenty something co worker of mine says oh you take supplements? What a sucker! The say in the news its baloney! Then two weeks later she has a terrible sinus infection.i feel really grateful for the things my grandmother taught me. She didn't even speak English let alone ever watch TV! Im not saying font see doctor or take antibiotics.. Im just saying simple home remedys shouldnt be part of by gone days just because the traditions pass away.. Anyway thanks for reading this post..because I'm going to hit my art supply store and pick up a few things to finish this up..
  6. pipps

    pipps Member

    This sounds like such a great idea for a book and one I have not heard of before. I just think the whole concept is so inspiring and I can't wait to see this as a finished product. It looks like a book I would proudly display on my coffee table. You're really talented and I think you HAVE to get this out there because it looks amazing so far. I would love to watch the progress of this book too. Have you considered making a blog to record you progress?

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