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Smoothies Galore!!

Discussion in 'LifeStyle' started by Snowbaby, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. mslianne

    mslianne Member

    I love smoothies, a lot! Usually I make one on my own based on gut feel. :D I don't really have a particular recipe. I just toss in some bananas, mangoes, apples and watermelon with a bit of a skim milk and a teaspoon of honey, and lots of ice, and I'm done! Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit more adventurous, I add other stuffs such as plain frozen yogurt or vitamin water. :D
  2. bethanyparkin

    bethanyparkin Member

    Strawberries and banana. I'm not very brave when it comes to smoothies, but I'd love to try something adventurous which is very sweet :)
  3. FaithShekinah

    FaithShekinah New Member

    Yummy! I love smoothies! My favorite are green smothies! yup, I said it! Just take your favorite smoothie recipe and as the last step add 1/2- 2 cups of baby spinach, organic if you can. I promise you, you won't even taste the spinach. It turns the smoothie a fun green color and you're getting the added goodness and vitamins of the spinach. It helps me get in a good portion of my daily green leafy vegetables, which are extremely important to get!
  4. sepia_majesty

    sepia_majesty New Member

    I love smoothies, but I can never make them correctly. I tried to master strawberry and banana smoothies, but I didn't think it was the right consistency. It wasn't "smooth" enough for my liking. I think I added too much ice, which made it chunky or something. I've been hearing about adding vegetables to smoothies and I'm a little hesitant, but I think I will one day try it since I need some more vegetables in my diet.

    You really can't taste the spinach?
  5. athenatree

    athenatree New Member

    I agree about spinach. I always add in a little spinach to get some greens in my diet. You really don't taste the spinach and get used to the taste without many problems. I love strawberry cantaloupe smoothies myself, using a little coconut milk and spinach. I have a Blendtec blender so it is really easy to get a nice smooth smoothie.
  6. fancyfingers

    fancyfingers Member

    I like to keep diced up bananas in ziploc baggies in the freezer. I put one frozen diced banana along with a dash of vanilla and milk to cover the banana. No ice is needed because the bananas are frozen! Mix until well blended. This is so yummy! I will toss in a few frozen strawberries when I have them and I just make sure there is enough milk to cover the fruit.
  7. hatteubanal

    hatteubanal Member

    My favorite would be avocado, fresh milk and chocolate. I scoop up 1 avocado and throw it into the blender. I add 4 tablespoon fulls of powdered chocolate (not healthy, I know) and a cup of fresh milk. Throw in ice cubes, blend, and voila! Chocolate Avocado Smoothie! Yum! :D
  8. Yolanda

    Yolanda Member

    I always love smoothies that have kiwi in it. The other day I had a really creamy strawberry one when I was out for lunch. I really have to try and recreate that one, because OMG it was delicious! I have no clue what was in there besides the strawberry, sugar and yoghurt (and perhaps that was all that was in there, but it sure tasted like there was something else going on as well). Not sure what... lol
  9. Lucky120

    Lucky120 Member

    Wow all of these sound so good. I have to get some of these myself haha. I mean I love smoothies and they are oh so good for you. I usually just use...
    1. Banana
    2. Yogurt usually peach
    3. If the bananas are not frozen then I throw in like 4 ice cubes.
    This is what I usually use unless I am in an ice cream mood haha. You can also drain canned fruit and use that as well so I have been told. These are great recipes and they look really good. :)
    Lee11 likes this.
  10. Lee11

    Lee11 Active Member

    I find that a smoothie's deliciousness depends upon the ingredients that you personally love. So, if you prefer tropical fruits, its best to focus on those...but if you like berries, maybe invest in a frozen mixed berries container.

    The ingredients:-
    - A fruit portion or a mixture of a few
    - half a banana or a whole banana (if you do not like banana, you can skip it)
    - some yoghurt, flavor according to your taste
    - some fruit juice or filtered water
    - some ice (if you like)

    This tastes divine! What makes it truly out of this world is IF you add a dollop of ice-cream, not too much but this really makes it amazing. Happy smoothie making and drinking!:cool:
    Lucky120 likes this.
  11. Lucky120

    Lucky120 Member

    See more great recipies haha. I love smoothies and you can use anything basically. If you are a vegtable person you can do an all green smoothie. I don't care for it myself though, because the whole green smoothie thing is nasty to me. I tried it once and oh my never again haha. I do love the fact that there are so many smoothies you can make without using ice cream and stuff like that. Well I am gonna try some of these smoothies haha.
  12. littlebird

    littlebird New Member

    I like making simply smoothies by blending yogurt and fruit juices with a whisk. We have an immersion blender, but the frozen fruit around here is too expensive. It's $8 for enough blueberries for two small smoothies. You would need 4 packs to make a small cobbler. I'm waiting until fruits drop in price again.
  13. Danni728

    Danni728 New Member

    I usually get the Dole banana/strawberry mix bag
    *add a tablespoon of sugar
    *3 cups of milk
    *2 cups of Dole Banana,Strawberry Orange juice
    *about 5 ice cubes.

    Blend everything together and pour
    Top with whipped cream

    Servers about 3-4 people
  14. zararina

    zararina Member

    Smoothies recipe shared on this thread looks/sounds delicious!:D
    I also like smoothies a lot although I have not tried to prepare it. I would just buy out and one of my favorite is chocolate flavored smoothies.
  15. Roxanne_101

    Roxanne_101 Member

    I don't like banana's so I have to avoid any smoothie that contains those. I want to make smoothies like Smoothie King. The one's I buy don't use yogurt, just ice. I need a recipe that does not call for yogurt. I tried making my own but it really didn't taste that great and I ended up throwing it out.

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