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Movie reviews

Discussion in 'Television & Books' started by Snowbaby, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. aanoname89

    aanoname89 New Member


    Got two movies I've seen recently:

    Source Code (OK so I actually watched it last year, but then again yesterday) - I think this film is pretty good, open ended, thought provoking etc. I definitely recommend watching it!

    The other one is Contagion - All about the human race being in danger of dying out due to an infectious disease caught and spread by just one person! I totally love that film, even though the end is a bit blah in my opinion, the rest of the film is worth it - I think :)

  2. magickat

    magickat Member

    I just watched The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe. It is a ghost story set in the early 20th century revolving around a young lawyer called Arthur Kipps who has a young son. His wife died in childbirth. He travels to a remote village to investigate a will and receives a very frosty reception from most of the locals. He goes to Eel marsh House which is only accessible via a narrow spit of land which is cut off by the tide twice a day. Arthur starts seeing people at the supposed deserted house and begins to uncover its sinister and tragic history. Many spooky goings-on ensue and it made me jump a few times! It's a great classic ghost story. There is no gore, it all works on suspense. I enjoyed it but thought the TV version I saw when i was a kid was much scarier.
  3. Hysssss-teria

    Hysssss-teria New Member

    John Grisham’s first novel -- “A Time to Kill.” Read it. THEN watch the movie.

    This is the most powerful book I have ever read. A movie for TV was made about it, and I just happened to catch it one night last week. This is the only movie produced from a novel that I have ever found to be absolutely true to the book.

    Set in Mississippi during the time the KKK pretty much ruled the land, a Black husband and father murders the two young redneck pigs that raped and nearly killed his 10-year-old daughter.

    Here’s the incredibly moving closing argument delivered by rookie attorney Matthew McConaughey as he defends Carl Lee Haley.


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