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Is anyone else here addicted to reality TV?

Discussion in 'Television & Books' started by dietcoke55, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. dietcoke55

    dietcoke55 New Member

    Is anyone else here addicted to reality TV? What is your favourite reality TV show? Or maybe you hate reality tv with a passion?
    I know these shows are looked down on by a lot of people and sometimes I feel my IQ dropping when watching them, but still I find them entertaining and I think occasionally you can learn something from them. My favourite show at the moment is ‘Made in Chelsea’ and I can’t wait for season 2, which the cast are apparently filming at the moment.
  2. clauemi

    clauemi Member

    The only reality show I watch is Big Brother and I don't care what people think of it. I watch it because I like it and is entertaining.
  3. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member

    I watch Ice Road Truckers, and some parts of Top Gear might count as reality...
  4. apple

    apple Member

    Big brother is a guilty pleasure of mine. :) My greatest reality show guilty pleasure was Fox's The Moment of Truth. Unfortunately, it got cancelled in 2009. The contestants are hooked up to a polygraph machine to answer a series of 21 to win a top prize of $500 000. The questions get progressively personal and difficult to answer. I think $500 000 is too little to sell yourself out on national TV. You cannot hide the truth at all. The show even broke up a couple because a lady was asked if she cheated on her husband. She said no but the lie detector determined it was false. The husband was in the audience. A male model was asked if he ever stuffed his underwear. He said no. Lie detector said he was lying. :D It's a cruel show but it's really juicy and addictive.
  5. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member

    But if there's one thing I am addicted to right now...

    ANIME :D
  6. Renee

    Renee Member

    I am addicted to reality tv too. I am a fan of Big Brother too. I rather watch reality shows than the other shows they show on tv. It just seems so much more interesting.
  7. Shortie861

    Shortie861 New Member

    The only reality TV shows I can really tolerate now is I'm A Celebrity :) find it really fun to watch, I used to watch Xfactor and Big Brother but they became to much the same each year that I got fed up with them in the end.
  8. zararina

    zararina Member

    I can not say that i am addicted to it but i find myself enjoying some of the reality shows online. Some shows i enjoyed watching are Playing it Straight and Amazing Race.
  9. hatteubanal

    hatteubanal Member

    I used to be addicted to Survivor and The Amazing Race. I don't care much for them anymore though. What I'm into right now is the Top Chef Series. Top Chef Just Desserts, Top Chef Masters, and the original Top Chef. I get a lot of tips from these chefs. The drama is just a plus. :)
  10. SheWolfSilver

    SheWolfSilver New Member

    I watch quite a few of them Survivor, Big Brother, and all the cooking reality shows like Top Chef and Chopped.
  11. LunarScorpio

    LunarScorpio Member

    After thinking about it, I realized that I watch a lot of reality TV. I watch: Top Chef, Chopped, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Wife Swap, Celebrity Apprentice, America's Next Top Model, Teen Mom (1 and 2), 16 and Pregnant, Real World, The Challenge (used to be Real World/Road Rule Challenge), Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and I think there's more, but that's all that I can remember right now. I don't know why I get hooked on these shows, it just kind of happen.
  12. Quirky Jessi

    Quirky Jessi Member

    I'm not at all.

    I really don't like them t all. I understand the appeal for some people because it's escaping their own reality and sometimes they're so ridiculous. I've tried watching a few here or there like Biggest Loser, American Idol, and some of the cooking content ones, but there's only so much I can watch before they bore me.
  13. MakingCents

    MakingCents Member

    I watch quite a bit of reality tv. Big Brother, Amazing Race, American Idol are my top 3. But I used to LOVE the real world and lately I've gotten hooked on this really dumb show called dance moms. It's completely stupid but I love it! lol!
  14. Coffeeaddict

    Coffeeaddict New Member

    I used to enjoy Big Brother but after a few seasons, I lost interest because it's no longer real. People already knows the tactics to catch the attention of the viewers and gain their sympathy. Unlike the first season wherein the contestants have no clue how is it going to be on TV, the new contestants are just out there to give a show. Sometimes it feels like it's already scripted and no longer real. So no, I'm no longer interested.
  15. classy_ally

    classy_ally New Member

    I am addicted to reality TV. I love Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Bad Girls Club, The Real Housewives chain. It is cool to see some drama. Also to see some cat fights. I love it!

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