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I want to me more "feminine"... step one?

Discussion in 'Burning Issues' started by Lugia, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. kristyleann

    kristyleann Member

    I'm kind of in the same boat...I'm girly about certain things but other things not so much lol...I love make up but I can't dress myself for crap...I am a t shirt and jeans type of person and i'm plus sized and pear shaped so that makes buying clothes difficult. My boyfriend used to laugh at me cause I had a pair of harley davidson biker boots that I wore around all the time (even though I've never even been on a motorcycle lol). He was like "don't you have any girly shoes?" ....and the answer was no lol

    There is a book by Lucky magazine called "The Lucky Shopping Manual: Building and Improving Your Wardrobe Piece by Piece" which has awesome tips for how to find stuff that looks flattering...you could probably find a cheap copy of it on amazon or ebay. I've put some of the tips to use but my clothes are still kind of plain and tomboyish cause I don't have much money to spend...but at the same time, I'm pretty happy with myself and don't want to change entirely, so the world will just have to deal with it lol
  2. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member

    Thank you for your advice, I will have to look into it... ^ ^
  3. veronique

    veronique New Member

    The most important thing is to be comfortable with yourself. You don't mention your age but, if you are in your teens or early twenties, then you are still developing - not just physically and emotionally, but with regard to your sense of "self". This is a perfect time to experiment with styles.

    If you have gotten into the habit of always wearing trousers (for example) then you could experiment with skirts and dresses. Try wearing them with leggings if you feel a little exposed to start off with.

    You could also feminise jeans by wearing pretty tops - a tiny bit of lace does a lot for a girl!

    Don't get into the habit of using a lot of make up or hair products - these don't necessarily feminise you but they do cost a lot in both money and time.
  4. kpruitt

    kpruitt New Member

    Why do you feel the need to be more feminine...some guys like a tomboy! You obviously have a great sense of humor and I am a strong believer in being true to yourself. That said if you try some of the marvelous suggestions you have already been given you may find that you love the sheer girliness of it. It is hard to explain but when you do it and feel it you will know what I mean. Feel the girl power!
  5. FlanneryCam

    FlanneryCam New Member

    What will make you feel more feminine? Femininity comes from a feeling inside.

    I like to play up one feature: for me it's my lips. I like to wear earrings. I like to wear clothing that has shape, movement and texture.

    The right hair cut can help. Ask your stylist for something deeply edgy that will highlight one feature (like your lips).

    Love yourself.
  6. feminista

    feminista Member

    I'm really curious as to why you've decided to make this change. Are you uncomfortable with your current look? Nothing, I mean NOTHING is sexier then self-possession and confidence. Also, why do you feel like you want to give up a hobby (Cars) that you enjoy?

    I could give you advice, but so much of it is context dependent. Is this a phase? Are you experimenting? Are you trying to seduce someone? Are you younger or older (i.e. high school, college, professional) - I'm just wondering if this has to do with your environment. Is this a professional thing?

    Frankly, I think you should stay in what makes you feel comfortable. If you want to be dressier, you could try an androgynous look (think Agyness Denn, or Lindsey Lohan's ex that was a DJ). They are tomboys, fashion icons, and sexy - all without losing their personality! That being said, there's nothing wrong with experimenting, but as long as its for the right reasons. Don't do it for a boy/girl. Seriously. There's nothing more exhausting than being in a relationship that's based on a fabricated personality. Your immediate reaction might be to think of this advice as cliched, but it is in fact time-worn and tested.
  7. sillylucy

    sillylucy Member

    I know how you feel. I was a tomboy all the way up until I was 24 and I just turned 28. It's still a little weird when I realize how different I am now. I always had super short hair and just wore boy clothes and shoes. I was a hot mess, but felt comfortable. I know cringe at old photos, but whatever, I was having fun. I guess once you start making slow gradual changes then it isn't a huge shock. I first started wearing a little makeup, then grew my hair out and started buying blouses instead of band t-shirts. Then came the girlier flats. I only wear heels for special occasions!
  8. feminista

    feminista Member

    But why did you feel you wanted to change? That's what I just don't get when there are so many examples of sexy androgyny. Being a girlie girl myself, this is all very alien to me.
  9. claudine

    claudine Member

    Being feminine is easy and it feels great:D . I think it's more about behaviour than about appearance. You should just be yourself - don't pretend you are stronger than you are, don't try to prove anything to anyone. Be kind. Don't swear, move with grace. Remember how beautiful you are (every girl is beautiful and should be aware of it:) ). Clothes aren't that important but it would be really good if you could wear skirts and dresses more often - I'm sure you'll feel pretty wearing them:D
  10. trishgl

    trishgl Member

    I have to agree with Bethany that you don't have to chuck the other things that you are passionate about out the window just because you don't consider them girly. A lot of guys think girls that are interested in cars and engines are hot plus it makes us more approachable and interesting. You just need to dress up a bit more feminine. You can still use shirts and shirt blouses just choose ones that accentuate your curves or generate them lol. Buy a good bra that gives you good form, this step does wonders let me tell you! Guys don't like a lot of makeup if truth be known so try a more natural look rather than a red lipped painted one. Speak softer and smile a bit more. Girlfriend practice that smile in front of a bathroom mirror. Good luck!
  11. sogrady

    sogrady New Member

    In the long run, there aren't any advantages to trying to be something you're not. If you'd like to feel more feminine for yourself, look at stepping up what you already enjoy. If you like skin products, treat yourself to a nice lotion or shower gel. If clothes are more your thing, get something that fits well and is made of nice fabric. If you're not sure where to start, you can't really go wrong with a good pedicure. Makes you feel pampered and wonderful and your feet will look great!
  12. ChanellG

    ChanellG Member

    The first step is deciding what you think is feminine. That is something that is different for everyone so you have to define it for yourself. Does it mean wearing dresses? Long hair styled a certain way? Makeup? Getting your nails done? Wearing pink and pastels?

    Is feminine a behavior thing in your eyes or an appearance one? Pick someone who you think is ultrafeminine and just model yourself after them. Or at least choose some of the things you admire about them that you can model in yourself.
  13. Zynni

    Zynni Member

    I don't know about having more advantages by becoming more feminine, but if you want to be more feminine because you think it's best for you, the first step is just to be softer. Everything needs to be softer if you consider any aspect of your self to be harsh, such as hair, clothes, voice, and choice of words.I certainly wouldn't give up on my interests though. I play video games where I raid and kill other players, fairly hardcore. I love football. I still put on a dress once in a while though. You can find the right balance. ;)
  14. Trellum

    Trellum Member

    The first step to becoming a more feminine woman is feeling that way, it's like confidence; if you don't feel it there is no way the others will think you feel confident. People can easily see it!

    So try to first make yourself feel more feminine, try wearing more dresses, get a manicure and maybe a few handbags. Get a nice haircut... or let your hair grow long. I have noticed people think you are more feminine if you have nice long hair! The shinier and bigger the hair the better!
  15. Raccoonsrule400

    Raccoonsrule400 New Member

    What I think is just be yourself. There is no definition of girly because we're all different. Just dress in what pleases you most. What you do reflects who you are. But-don't be a phony. Be yourself!
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