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50 Shades of Utter Garbage

Discussion in 'Television & Books' started by Evilsprinkles, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member

    Have any of you heard of the novel 50,000 Shades of Grey? Even if you didn't enjoy 50 Shades some of you may still find enjoyment in this particular novel.

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  2. MakingCents

    MakingCents Member

    Honestly, that books looks just as good as the book it's parodying.
  3. sillylucy

    sillylucy Member

    I'm going to read it just because I am so curious as to what the whole hoopla is about. I just downloaded all three e-books and am going to take a crack at them this weekend. I highly doubt that it will spice up my life because things are already pretty spicy in that department!
  4. Megsy23

    Megsy23 New Member

    I read it because I was interested that it was so popular and discussed. It was somewhat entertaining. Was it a good book? No. There were so many grammatical errors.
  5. claudine

    claudine Member

    On one hand I regret reading this book because well...let's say it's not well-well written:p . It was a waste of time. On the other hand, it made me laugh really hard because I looked at it like it was a parody - this way it's really funny:D
  6. MakingCents

    MakingCents Member

    I can't even beliee they are making a movie out of this book. Seriously?! How about those screen writers who have struggled to get their film out there, and this piece of crap is getting a movie.
  7. ChanellG

    ChanellG Member

    I kept hearing about this book all of a sudden and had no idea what the heck people were talking about. In fact, it was so after the fact when it was referenced that I had no idea it was a book! Then the talk shows started bringing it up and people were commenting online and the mystery was solved -- I learned more than I wanted to. From the comments I am seeing here, it's obvious to me I'm not missing anything.
  8. I couldn't even finish the second chapter of the book, it was so bad! I'm glad I got it on my Kindle from the library, I read a bit & just said forget it. It just goes to show that not all fanfiction authors are good enough to be published, although I have found a few that are.

    The grossest thing I've heard concerning this book? My 16 year old's friend went to get it from the library & the pages were stuck together... :eek:
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  9. Parker

    Parker Member

    I haven't read any of the ebooks or books. I am very impressed that a *nobody* in the publishing world has made a significant amount of money by self-publishing. The fact that many people complain about the grammar mistakes and the overall low quality of writing proves that the product doesn't have to be perfect to be a success.
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  10. sparkles29

    sparkles29 Member

    Dearie me!!! What a fuss about nothing you guys are making.

    I've read the entire trilogy. Was it great writing? No. Was it completely full of cliches? Yes. Was it pretty dull in the shenanigans department and not at all what it was hyped up to be? Of course. But it certainly wasn't the heinous work of the Devil's spawn which is what some of you seem to think it was. Some people take things way too seriously. Being brutally honest - I think that some of you are a bit jealous that you didn't write it yourselves and make a fortune out of it. I certainly wish I had.

    Oh yeah, and finally, did I enjoy it? HELL YES!
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